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Blast from the past
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I was doing some work stuff in the studio and just happened to look over and see a blast from the past. The calling card! Remember those things? Before iPhones and the prevelance of free (ish) phone calling and texting, there was....THE CALLING CARD!

So for those ...

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If Only There Were More Time
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Quick catchup: I've been stuck at home since March of 2020 because our youngest is vulnerable to the 'Ronavirus. After being let go from my morning radio job in October of that year, I've been supervising the youngest's virtual schooling and overseeing my oldest's virtual studies as well. Pretty much since February of 2021 when my wife got her full-time, ...

Creative advice from a creative
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A great story about one of the greatest writers encourging some young minds to be creative.

Audio is...AUDIO, right?
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So I'm setup for my voiceover studio with pretty good gear. Starting at the microphone it goes like this...

  • Sennheiser 416 and Townsend Labs L22 Sphere
  • Apollo Twin interface
    • Focusrite Octo Pre (for lightpiping in other microphones)
  • into a 2021 Mac Mini M1 computer.

That's ...

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