Norma Rae Would Be Proud
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"Yeah, Moose, but there's already SAG-AFTRA, right?"

Well, yes but apparently there's a union now for voice actors that's more SPECIFIC to voice actors. But maybe it's not QUITE a union but more of

NAVA, The National Association of Voice Actors officially opened up membership ...

NV Talent logo
Big News
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Pleased to officially announce that I've signed with NV Talent out of Chicago for commercial voiceover work.

Mary Kay and everyone have been super helpful and nice and bringing me on board and I'm looking forward to a fruitful relationship with NV.

Here's the first of what will hopefully be many projects ...

Random Thought
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Is it me or do your bed sheets feel WAY more smoothe in the morning? They feel good at night but when you're waking up and you're in that mode of 'do I get out of bed or try to cram another few minutes in here?', they just feel that much more soft and comfortable. Am I right or is this just me? It's probably just a psychological thing.

Anyway, ...

cough! cough!
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Not THAT kind of 'tool,'....perv.

I'm a voice actor. My main tool is my voice. So what happens when your tool doesn't work anymore? Or isn't working at 100%?

That's where I find myself at the moment as I've been dealing with a cough for the last 2 weeks. Coughing is one of the worst ...

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