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Sad Face
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Sad face today. Tonight will be the last show for 'The Morning Moose Show.' The Twitch version is ending after the terrestrial radio version ended in October 2020. This COULD be the end of my 25+ ...

news panic
Too much news
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So I like to stay informed. Maybe a little TOO informed. It stems from my days as a morning radio host where I had to be aware of just about anything going on especially if it was local. That job essentially required you to be 'connected' 24-7 so that if something happened at 6pm, you could have a plan in place to cover it/talk about it the next ...

They do that too
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Look for more videos but I thought I'd share at least one of the videos I'm voicing for Vonage.

Getting Old Sucks
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Long story short: I've been dealing with blood clots for a couple months now. It started with an Aspirin treatment but progressed into a blood thinner treatment ('ask your doctor if Xarelto® is right for you!). After a few weeks of the blood thinners seemingly fixing the clot(s?) I went to the doctor today and she said they're looking better but ...

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