Audio is...AUDIO, right?
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So I'm setup for my voiceover studio with pretty good gear. Starting at the microphone it goes like this...

  • Sennheiser 416 and Townsend Labs L22 Sphere
  • Apollo Twin interface
    • Focusrite Octo Pre (for lightpiping in other microphones)
  • into a 2021 Mac Mini M1 computer.

That's ...

First time for everything!
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I had a job interview for a voice job.

That's NEVER happened before. Usually it works like this... You get an audition, you do the audition, they either hire you or hire someone else. But this happened very unexpectedly. The client contacted me through backstage.com (a site for actors and casting call jobs) and said they really liked my voice ...

Kiss Me, I'm Fake Irish
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Fellow voice actors, we need to talk about accents.

Many times an audition will come up and the client will be looking for an Irish accent or an Australian accent, Boston/Harvard, whatevuh.

Chances are you think you can nail it.

Sure, just go to Youtube, watch a couple videos and you're good, right?


Look, I've ...

Bleep Blorp!
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AI voice is teaching my kid about her feelings.

Some background...

My 7 year old is intellectually disabled and is effectively in 1st grade (as of this writing). We're virtually schooled because of COVID so her teacher, over Teams, plays a few videos that go along with the subject matter at the time.

One of those was about feelings.

And ...

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