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I was doing some work stuff in the studio and just happened to look over and see a blast from the past. The calling card! Remember those things? Before iPhones and the prevelance of free (ish) phone calling and texting, there was....THE CALLING CARD!

So for those who don't remember, before there was iphones, if you wanted to call someone in let's say Alaska from your humble studio in Iowa, you either had to call them on your landline and pay the fee for every minute you were connected with them. OR, you had a calling card. Which is basically a pre-loaded bunch of calling minutes that you would use when you had to connect with someone beyond your local area. This was the main way to do a phone patch. I'd call the '800' number, punch in the code, enter the phone I'm trying to connect with and then they'd pick up on the other end.

Just thought it was funny that I still have it stuck to the desk in my studio.

And, yes, it still works!

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