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Quick catchup: I've been stuck at home since March of 2020 because our youngest is vulnerable to the 'Ronavirus. After being let go from my morning radio job in October of that year, I've been supervising the youngest's virtual schooling and overseeing my oldest's virtual studies as well. Pretty much since February of 2021 when my wife got her full-time, work from home job, I've only been able to consistently do voice auditions in the morning, around 530am until 630am every weekday. After 630 it's mostly making breakfast for kids, reminding the oldest 14 times to get dressed, brush hair/teeth/toe hair/etc. and sitting with Mabel while her dedicated teacher talks about the number '9' through a Teams app to her and the other special needs kids in her class.

Many days I wonder where I would be in my voice career if I were able to REALLY put my nose to the grindstone and not have to stop and go take someone to the 'potty.' What COULD be if I were 'let loose' on my voiceover career as I had hoped to be able to for years?...

  • I could be freshening up demos with consistency.
  • Making and developing contacts.
  • Cold-calling/emailing businesses to see if they need a voice for their product or service.
  • Work on my website.
  • Get some voiceover coaching.
  • Go to a VO convention (yes, that IS a thing!)
  • BUILD A PROPER VO BOOTH! The one I have is fine but it's by no means preferred.

I'm lucky, in that, my wife was able to find a job to support us even after I failed to do so after 3 months of trying, so that's not lost on me but, maybe selfishly, I wonder where I could be in my career if we didn't have Coronavirus to contend with as a household with a vulnerable one. It sucks. It has it's upside though. I'm not blind to the fact that I have a one-on-one, front-seat to my kids' education and can see them (in real time) soak all that education in.

It'd be nice though to be able to drop them off at school, come back home and hunker down in the VO studio to 'get to work.' I never wanted to be a stay-at-home Dad. I respect those that do but it's just not for me. It's not in my DNA.

Don't get me wrong, I get some of that stuff done here and there throughout the days. I've become a master at finding 10 minutes to get 'this' done or grabbing the laptop real quick to get 'that' done before having to make lunch for everyone.

It's hard not to feel like I'm in a transition point in my life where I've left the radio career behind but the next step is not quite in reach yet.


Friday June 10th, 2022
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